Power Banks

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What is a Solar Power Bank?

Extra Features

Choosing a Power Bank

The function and composition of all power banks are basically the same but they do vary a lot in terms of the specific features. It is very important to compare the features of the different types and brands carefully so that you can find the one that will work best for you.

The size of a power bank’s battery determines the number of times that you can charge your phone on it on a single charge. If you are planning on using a solar power bank just for a weekend of camping, a regular battery should suffice. For longer periods without a power outlet, you might want to invest in a bigger battery size.

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Our goal is to provide local residents and commercial owners to eliminate their utility bills while going green. We started Ionix due to the high demand for a local dealer, not the big box brands. It allows us to offer a more flexible buying experience for our customers, friends, and family.

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